• PENDING RESTART: User ID Maintenance Complete. User ID System Ready after next restart.
  • 04/26/2018: Switched to Monero Classic / Monero Original
  • 01/19/2018: A lot of emails have been lost, please contact for support
  • 01/19/2018: Yearly Server Cleanup Maintenance. All Servers restarted
  • 11/28/2017: Small Bug Fixed. Pool is running normal again.
  • 10/17/2017: Our pool was being attacked by a small leprechaun. All is fixed now.
  • 10/17/2017: Database engine updated. Sorry for the downtime.
  • 9/21/2017: Massive bug fix, should bring efficiency back to normal
  • 9/20/2017: Fixed small bug caused by a small attacker
  • 9/19/2017: Fixed bug that could lead to pool poisoning
  • 9/16/2017: Updated mixin count to 4 and restarting all servers today to enable the User ID system
  • 9/10/2017: Upgraded all nodes to version
  • 9/07/2017: Fixed a bug that caused an attacker to slow down our pool and submit fake shares
  • 9/06/2017: Added support for Payment ID. Use Address:PaymentID or Address+PaymentID or Address.PaymentID, either way, server will be able to read it
  • 9/03/2017: Added thumbs up for blocks we find with more than 50% efficiency
  • 9/03/2017: Fixed Daemon #1
  • 9/01/2017: Added efficiency with a custom method for finding blocks. Will increase efficiency by an additional 5%
  • 8/30/2017: Various bug fixes and stability fixes. Updates Push and Server Restarted
  • 8/30/2017: Fees reduced to 0.5%
  • 8/25/2017: Orphan Bug Fix. Should reduce orphan rate to 1% max
  • 8/21/2017: Increased efficiency for new blocks to mine.
  • 8/19/2017: Pool efficiency is back to normal now.
  • 8/19/2017: Massive Stability Fix for new block heights and the way pool are handling new blocks to mine.
  • 8/19/2017: Massive change in the way shares are handled. 100% of your shares are checked and only valid ones are inserted. Getting ready for PPS
  • 8/19/2017: The pool will now pay blocks after only 10 confirmations instead of 60.
  • 8/19/2017: Fee increased from 1.3% to 1.9% to support pool fees and services.
  • 8/18/2017: Sound played on the homepage when we find a block.
  • 8/17/2017: Stability update, this one should increase efficiency. Server Restart.
  • 8/17/2017: Various bug fixes
  • 8/17/2017: Bug Fix for payments. We are sending some block payments manually
  • 8/17/2017: User ID System up and running. Check out the User ID Tab
  • 8/17/2017: Added more daemons
  • 8/17/2017: Bug Fix for daemons in the monitoring page
  • 8/16/2017: Decreased fee from 1.5% to 1.3%
  • 8/16/2017: And yet another stability update! xmr-node-proxy bug fix. Pool should perform well again :). Let's mine!
  • 8/15/2017: Server Restart to push new updates. Happy Mining!
  • 8/15/2017: 100% of Shares are now checked. Only valid shares will be counted for your account.
  • 8/15/2017: Added Invalid Hashes Stats for your account.
  • 8/14/2017: New Updates Pushed. Final Server restart for the week.
  • 8/14/2017: Added Current Round Share & Estimated Gains for your account.
  • 8/14/2017: IMPORTANT: ADDED NEW EFFICIENCY TECHNIQUE! BASED ON PROBABILITIES: 30%+ more blocks. Restarting servers to push updates.
  • 8/13/2017: Final Server Restart. fixed support for atrides xmr proxy.
  • 8/13/2017: Server Restart. All Updates Pushed :)!.
  • 8/13/2017: SSL Support Added and Finalized.
  • 8/13/2017: Fixed Difficulty support Added. Use: wallet_address:fixed_difficulty as the address.
  • 8/13/2017: xmr-node-proxy support Added.
  • 8/13/2017: Server Restarted to Push Updates :).
  • 8/13/2017: Website Server Stability Update. Can Handle a lot more users now.
  • 8/13/2017: Reduced minimum payout from 0.4 XMR to 0.2 XMR.
  • 8/12/2017: Implemented IRC Robot in the Chat Room. The Robot will let people know about the blocks we find.
  • 8/12/2017: Fixed new job every time a share is found.
  • 8/12/2017: Fixed timeouts. No more disconnects.
  • 8/11/2017: Changed the way daemons update in monitoring. Very fast now.
  • 8/11/2017: New Ports Added (3333, 6666 and 9999) | New SSL Ports Added (443 and 8443)
  • 8/08/2017: Database Cluster System Enabled (MinerCircle is now the fastest and most stable monero pool)
  • 8/02/2017: Interconnected Pool System Enabled (Multiple servers connected together for more stability and speed)

Supported Features

  • * Mine the most profitable currency automatically with your mining app: Algorithm.txt
  • * NiceHash Support.
  • * xmr-node-proxy Support.
  • * atrides xmr-proxy Support.
  • * ssl Support. (Port 443 or 8443)

Monero Network

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Mining with MinerCircle

  • Powerful DDOS Protection with automatic mitigation (24/7)
  • Active Development (Daily)
  • Server health checks with a backup server ready for use (24/7)
  • Backed by a team with strong financial resources (Ready for upgrades at any time)
  • Upgraded/Custom Pool [Faster and More Stable]
  • Mine on Port 80 (Firewall Safe)
  • Use this link with your mining app to always mine the most profitable currency.

User ID Benefits:

  • Modify your payout address at any time without having to change settings for your miners
  • Set the minimum payment